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Axis Pharmacy Pro 12 is the No. 1 Medical store software in the market today, and has been developed with latest and advance technology. Axis Pharmacy Pro 12 is simple and easy to use and yet powerful and flexible. Axis Pharmacy Pro 12 has been built and refined over the years, across several versions, and is catering to various types of pharmaceutical companies today. AIBASOFT INC. serving the needs of the Distributors,/ Retailers, AIBASOFT INC. has created an unmatched reputation for itself, and has established itself as a trusted brand in the Pharmacy

About Pharmacy Overview


1. User Friendly & Graphical Interface With Keyboard Shortcut Enabled.
2. Built on Latest and Reliable .NET framework Technology.
3. Integrated with In Built Barcoding.
4. Automatic Accounts Register Entry.
5. Built On Best Reporting Tools For Best View of Reports.
6. Extensive 36 Reports By Different Search Criteria.
7. Exports Reports To PDF, Word, Excel.

About Pharmacy Needs

Interfaces to meet your needs

We offer a number of interface packages that allow communication between the Pharmacy Pro Software and various third party automated dispensing systems, integrated voice response, and Will Call solution providers. Our support staff will be happy to discuss the implementation of an interface package to meet your needs.