About SQL Server on Virtual Machines

Industry-leading performance and manageability for your cloud database

Get the combined performance, security, and analytics of SQL Server, backed by the flexibility, security, and hybrid connectivity of Azure. Access the latest SQL Server updates and releases, including SQL Server 2019 public preview.  Migrate existing apps or build new apps on Azure - the best cloud destination for your mission-critical SQL Server workloads.

Best TCO with Azure Hybrid Benefit

Save up to five times as compared with Amazon Web Services when migrating SQL Server databases with Azure Hybrid Benefit, and get free extended support for SQL Server 2008 R2 images in Azure IaaS1. Activate Azure Hybrid Benefit when you provision SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines images from the Azure Marketplace.

Built-in security and manageability

Ease maintenance with automatic security patching and restore your database to a specific point in time with Azure Backup. Help protect your data at rest and in motion with the database found to have the fewest vulnerabilities over a seven-year study, in the cloud with the most global, national, and industry certifications

High-performance VMs for SQL Server on Linux and Windows

Take advantage of high-performing SQL Server VMs with industry-leading performance2. Choose from images with Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Enterprise Linux Server, or Ubuntu Linux.