Smart Earning Solution

Create lasting connections

Referrals create valuable connections between partners and customers that can help you grow your business.

Simple One Time Integration

Affiliates installation process is dead simple. You need to register on Appliattion only once and then play from the admin panel. We provide you with an Asynchronous Smart Code which makes sure your website NEVER slows down.

Full Automation

Automated referral tracking, email notifications including enrollment and rewards. Easily manage coupon codes. Filter and search through purchases, referrals and referrers.

Multiple Events / Rewards

Reward referrers for multiple events like sharing or getting registrations, sales and mobile application installs. We allow two way gratification, that is, reward both referrers and their friends.

Set up your profile and manage your referrals

Build new and lasting customer relationships that help drive your business.


Create your business profile

Sign in to Partner Center and create your profile in less than 10 minutes.


Publish your solution

Publish solutions in our commercial marketplace to connect to customers, learn to optimize listings, and drive demand.


Manage your referrals

Read the referrals guide for best practices and make sure to check your Partner Center inbox regularly for leads.