A Modern School Management system

How schools benefit from EduConnect360

Managing a school requires efficient management of time, which in turn enhances productivity. With the help of EduConnect360, a school management system software, you can automate all processes and carry out all functions on a single platform.

Go paperless

EduConnect360 online modules help evade piles of paperwork by keeping records of all data that the school requires, execute all the work online and carry out all processes related to school management on a single platform.

Provides personalised dashboards

EduConnect360 helps in setting your dashboard exactly the way you want. Its high-end features such as Quick Links enable you to hand-pick the features and get a quick view of the key metrics.

Easy to implement and use

The intuitive user interface of EduConnect360 allows users to learn the operations on their own. Our in-app self-help document familiarises newcomers with the school management system.

Some Features

NextERP's exhasuive modules cover all aspects of the administration of the school or a group of schools:



Store student's data and analyse performance trends to bring more transparency to the functioning of the school. A complete record of students like consolidated personal and academic reports provide a 360-degree view of the complete student profile.



With the help of the app, pre-defined templates can be used and report cards can be generated with a single click. There is no need for any spreadsheets or offline work.


Fee Collection

Simplify fee management with a secure payment gateway and view all transaction details. Parents can pay the fee online from home, get receipts instantly on email and in-app. Money is automatically allocated to the correct receipt head. No waiting, no lines, no data mismatch.



The app allows you to streamline and customise your admission process with real-time tracking offline as well as online. The multi-tier, configurable admission process from parent enquiry to generation of admission number, can be done paperless.