Client Lead Management Tools

Drive Leads. Manage Leads. And Most Importantly, Convert Leads.

Looking for a way to increase your sales? Wishing you had a better way to track your most lucrative lead sources? Want to streamline the sales funnel process for your company? Need to identify new Internet marketing opportunities?

CLMT Software

CLMT is client management tool useful for tracking customer’s contact detail, opportunities and follow ups. CLMT is build on SharePoint as backend and PowerApps as Frontend. The main modules of CLMT are:

  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Opportunities
  • follow Up
  • Customer Demo/POC


Contacts is the master of all the company contact person. There can be more than one contact person in single company. The user can search the list of Contacts , by name, city, state, country etc. The user can add new contact, update the contact information or delete the contact


Companies is the master of all the company. The user can search the list of companies, by name, city, state, country etc. The user can add new company, update the company information or delete the company.

CLMT worls for every indusrty wanting to track site visitors and behavior

Our system gives you control over the entire acquisition process, which typically involves four steps:


Lead sorting

Categorize leads, distinguishing which are qualified and which are unqualified. Prioritize leads based on the likelihood of conversion.


Lead generation

Create customer interest through various marketing tactics.


Conversion to a sales lead

Customers have expressed interest in a product, and the data recording begins.


Lead nurturing

We build products with the highest user engagement, solving real problems, and infusing business growth. Our products are designed to stimulate desired user behaviors.